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The Cloud Engineering practice consists of experts in Cloud modernization and transformation. This includes the "Lift and Shift" of your Apps, re-factoring, re-purchasing, Hybrid Apps, and retiring and replacing applications and systems.

Data Center

The Data Center practice has experts for On Premise solutions that run your organization. These encompass solutions that require the utmost security, confidentiality and strategic cost savings.


The Software practice provides design and engineering of Software Applications, Automation and Software Infrastructure technologies for Cloud and On Premise.


The Cyber Engineering practice develops a layered approach to IT security and deploys Cyber Automation capabilities.



Customer Highlights

Overseas Data Centers
We designed, engineered and automated the Software Infrastructure of hundreds of Data Center systems sent to mission critical locations around the world.
Enterprise Class Scale
We successfully designed and delivered a Software Infrastructure that handles about one billion queries a year.

Federal Hybrid Cloud
We have designed and engineered a World-Wide Secure Federal Multi-Tenant Hybrid Cloud Software Infrastructure for a critical Government agency.
Law Enforcement Information Exchange
We architected the Law Enforcement Information Exchange (LInX) Software which gives Law Enforcement users the ability to retrieve and tie together incident data to support their investigative and tactical operations.
GSA HSPD-12 System

We designed the Software Infrastructure for the GSA HSPD-12 Program which transformed the security posture of the U.S. Government by providing an affordable option for Agencies for PKI based Smart Cards.
New York City

We supported the design and build for the transformation and modernization of the City of New York's E9-1-1 system's Software Infrastructure; it is the largest in the nation with nearly 12 million calls annually.


Elluminates Software is a hybrid software and consulting company. We focus on designing, building and running Software Infrastructure and our mission is to have a positive impact on society through the use of technology. 

Elluminates Software has four core practices:
  • Cloud
  • Data Centers
  • Software
  • Cyber
We offer Products and Professional Services that solve real world problems at scale for our customers. Our Professional Services have successfully supported Federal Agencies, State and Local Governments and commercial enterprises for nearly 20 years.

Corporate Team

Chief Executive Officer
Contracts & Security
Human Resources
Operations Manager

What is Software Infrastructure?

Software Infrastructure are the components beneath the IT Applications. Software Infrastructure itself is made up of software and hardware components that operate, enable and manage all of the IT Applications that help an organization meet its mission. Software infrastructure can be deployed in a Cloud computing environment, on an organization's own premises or a mixture of both.

The addition of Automation and Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) helps build out and secure Software Infrastructure and the applications that run on that infrastructure.

What are the components of Software Infrastructure?

Elluminates Software designs, operates, automates, and deploys all the components of Software Infrastructure. This encompasses hardware, software, networking, virtualization management, container orchestration such as Kubernetes, API management, automation, cyber security and business processes around the technologies.

The physical environment supporting the software such as cooling systems, racks, power, servers, cabling, routers, switches, storage systems, data protection and back up hardware and other equipment.

The networking components include both physical switches, routers, firewalls, and other hardware as well as Software-Defined Networking (SDN) layers including Software Firewalls, Software Load Balancers, Software switches and Software routers.

The Software involved in running IT Applications includes Virtualization, Containers, Software-Defined Storage (SDS), Software-Defined Network (SDN), APIs for Automation and more.

The major Cloud providers, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure, offer integrated Cloud-based infrastructure, applications and storage services.

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